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From 1978 year was working in company Dusan Todorovic, as manager. After that, from 1993 together with husband Veljko, creating family business and continue leading it together. Certificated that she succssfully completed the training course 4.6.1. Basic fares and ticketing […]

Photography has been professionally engaged with since 1974. Graduated Master of Photographs of the Academy of Art Painting IVAS, he founded and was President of the Association of Professional Photographers of Montenegro.  As an underwater cameraman he participated in many projects […]

Nature lover and director of the company. Author on every project of the company buildings. From an early age staying in the nature and enjoy in outdoor activities. Was living in Italy for 7 years, but was spending summer times […]

From an early age often go to nature and is engaged in outdoor activities. Has been staying on the river and in the mountains since he was 10 years old. Already at the age of 15, he started actively to […]



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