The most beautiful and the southernmost fjord in Europe will leave you breathless. It is often considered as a fjord, but it is in fact a drowned river canyon. Boka Kotorska is under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage and

Suburb Smokovac is located just at the exit of canyon Moraca and you can reach it over the main road Podgorica - Kolasin. Rocks in this suburb will give you the best possibilities for climbing short sport routes, but the

The name “Tear of Europe” was given to Tara river by it’s purity. Crystal clear water magnifiscent waterfalls and an unique ecological system make it the most beautiful river of the Europe. Tara river canyon is under the protection of

Medjurec canyon is located between Bar and Ulcinj, on the road from Bar to the Sukobin border crossing. It is a little more demanding canyon because there are about ten verticals of which guests descend using the ropes. The largest

The last discovered canyon in Europe is located in Montenegro, on slopes of Mountain Durmitor. 1965th crystal clear water, stunning waterfalls and the unique beauty of the canyon was seen for the first time.That late discovery of the canyon is

Mountain Vrmac overlooks both Kotor and Tivat Bays. It gives stunning panoramic view of the mountains Orjen and Lovcen and even Croatia and Bosnia. On this mountain in south-western Montenegro is also built the same name Austro-Hungarian Fort. Vrmac is

Massif Durmitor is the most important part of the Dinaric Alps characterized by high peaks, dense forests and deep ravines. It was declared as the National Park and, together with the Tara River Canyon, has been protected by UNESCO since

As Montenegro is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe, many people don't know how magic winter is here. Mountains of Montenegro are perfect for winter sports, like snowshoeing and ski touring. This tour gives you a possibility