Mountain peak Daznik, which is on 1625 meters above sea level is only 40 minutes away from Niksic. Over the summer it is amazing place for hiking, because of the beautiful view from the top on surrounding mountains and pastures,

The night in the Tara canyon next to the campfire will leave you breathless as well as rafting through the wild beauty and uniqueness of the landscape that you encounter when you go through the Durmitor National Park   Place of meeting:

In seven days tour you will have an opportunity to see Montenegro's highlights. This tour has historical, religious, cultural and adventurous characteristics. One day you will hike mountains at the north of Montenegro and another you will experience cruising in

Enjoy the 20 most attractive rapids of the Tara River from Brstanovica to Scepan Polje with a rafting lunch on the very bank of the river in the beautiful surroundings of the ethno village and Camp Grab. Winter rafting is even

Lovcen is famous as a symbol of Montenegro and it is also one of 4 National parks in country. You cannot come to Lovcen without visiting the mausoleum of Montenegro's leader, poet and bishop- Petar II Petrovic Njegos. To mausoleum

Ostrog monastery is one of three most visited Christian sanctities in the world. It is revered and visited by both Ortodox Christians and Roman Catholics, but Muslims as well. Up to a milion pilgrims and tourists from all over the

One of the Montenegrin's largest caves - Lipa cave is located in Cetinje and it is the only one open for organised visits. Excursion through the millions of years old cave with 2.5km of passages and halls filled with unique

Mild climate of Montenegro ensures great conditions, for wine production, and thus places the country as the top location for wine tourism. Montenegro produces a tasty selection of wines, what you will have an opportunity to see in 300 -

The most beautiful and the southernmost fjord in Europe will leave you breathless. It is often considered as a fjord but it is in fact a drawned river canyon. Boka Kotorska is under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage and

Dolphin - shaped lake Skadar is the largest Balkan's lake which Montenegrin part was declared a National Park in 1983. The lake is known for the diversity of flora and fauna and it is one of Europe's top bird habitats.